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Basic Income: A Transformative Policy for India (with S. Davala, R. Jhabvala and S.Kapoor Mehta (London and New Delhi: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015). Details

A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens (London and New York, Bloomsbury Academic, 2014). Details  In Swedish as En Färd-plan för prekariatet: Vägen till ett fullvärdigt medborgarskap (Göteborg, Sweden, Daidalos, 2014). In Spanish as Precariado. Una carta de derechos (Madrid, Capitán Swing Libros, 2014). In Italian as Diventare cittadini: Un manifesto del precariato (Milan, Feltrinelli, 2015). In Polish as Karta Prekariatu (Warsaw, PWN, 2015).

Precariat and precariat charter books

The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (London and New York, Bloomsbury Academic, 2011). Details :: Video  In Italian as Precari: La nuova classe esplosiva (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2012). In Spanish as El Precariado: Una nueva clase social (Barcelona, Pasado & Presente, 2013). In Bulgarian as "Прекариатът - новата опасна класа" (Trud i pravo, Sofia, 2013). In Swedish as Prekariatet : den nya farliga klassen (Göteborg, Daidalos, 2013). In Portuguese (Brazil) as O Precariado: A nova classe perigosa (São Paulo, Autêntica Editora, 2013). In Korean as The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (Seoul, Jong-cheol Park Publishers, 2014). In Portuguese (Portugal) as O Precariado: A nova classe perigosa (Quelez de Baixo, Editorial Presença, 2014). In Polish as Prekariat: Nowa niebezpieczna klasa (Warsaw, PWN, 2014). In Norwegian as Prekariatet: Den nye farlige klassen (OsloRes Publica, 2014). In Russian as Прекариат: новЬІй опасньІй класс(Moscow: Ad Marginem, 2014). In Turkish as Prekarya: Yeni Tehlikeli Sınıf (Istanbul, İletişim, 2014). In German as Prekariat: Die neue explosive Klasse (Münster, Unrast Verlag, 2015).

Social Income and Insecurity: A Study in Gujarat, with J. Unni, R. Jhabvala and U. Rani (New Delhi, Routledge, 2010). Details 

Work After Globalization: Building Occupational Citizenship (Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, Edward Elgar, 2009). Details :: Online

Promoting Income Security as a Right: Europe and North America, edited (London, Anthem Press, 2004, revised 2005). Details

Un revenu de base pour chacun(e), edited with A. November (Geneva, ILO, 2003). Details

A Basic Income Grant for South Africa, edited with M. Samson (Cape Town, University of Cape Town Press, 2003). Details

Minimum Income Schemes in Europe, edited (Geneva, ILO, 2003). Details

Beyond the New Paternalism: Basic Security as Equality (London and New York, Verso, 2002). Details

Global Labour Flexibility: Seeking Distributive Justice (Basingstoke, Macmillan, 1999). Details

Labour Flexibility in a Third World Metropolis, with L. Deshpande and S. Deshpande (New Delhi, Commonwealth Publishers, 1998). Details

Russian Unemployment and Enterprise Restructuring: Reviving Dead Souls (Basingstoke, Macmillan, 1996). Details

Restructuring the Labour Market: The South African Challenge, with J. Sender and J. Weeks (Cape Town, Government Printers and Geneva, ILO, 1996). Details

Minimum Wages in Central and Eastern Europe: From Protection to Destitution, edited with D. Vaughan-Whitehead (Budapest, Central European University Press, 1995). Also in Spanish. Details

Structural Change in Central and Eastern Europe: Labour Market and Social Policy Implications, edited with G. Fischer (Paris, OECD, 1993). Also in French. Details

In Search of Flexibility: The New Soviet Labour Market, edited (Geneva, ILO, 1991). Details

Towards Social Adjustment: Labour Market Issues in Structural Adjustment, edited with V. Tokman (Geneva, ILO, 1991). Details

Unemployment and Labour Market Flexibilitv: Finland, with R. Lilja and T. Santamäki-Vuori (Geneva, ILO, 1990). Also in Finnish and Spanish. Details

Unemployment and Labour Market Flexibility: Sweden (Geneva, ILO, 1988). Also in Spanish. Details

Unemployment and Labour Market Flexibility: The United Kingdom (Geneva, ILO, 1986). Also in Spanish. Details

Labour Circulation and the Labour Process, edited (London, Croom Helm, 1984). Details

Migration Surveys in Low-Income Countries: Guidelines for Survey and Questionnaire Design, with R. Bilsborrow and A.Oberai (London, Croom Helm, 1984). Details

State Policies and Migration: Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, edited with P. Peek (London, Croom Helm, 1982). Details

Child Work, Poverty and Underdevelopment: Issues for Research in Low-Income Countries, edited with G. Rodgers (Geneva, ILO, 1981; reprinted 1983). Also in Spanish. Details

Unemployment and Female Labour: A Study of Labour Supply in Kingston, Jamaica (London, Macmillan, 1981). Details

Poverty and Basic Needs: Evidence from Guyana and the Philippines, with R. Szal (Geneva, ILO, 1979). Details

Labour Force Participation in Low-Income Countries, edited with G. Sheehan (Geneva, ILO, 1978; reprinted 1979, 1981). Details

Labour Force Participation and Development (Geneva, ILO, 1978; 2nd edn., 1981, reprinted 1982). Details

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