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A family of decent work indexes

Title: “A family of decent work indexes”

Authors: Florence Bonnet, José B. Figueiredo and Guy Standing

Journal: International Labour Review

Issue: Vol. 142, No. 2, 2003, pp.213-238

Abstract: Conceptualizing decent work in terms of socio-economic security, the authors present three sets of composite indexes with which to measure the occurrence of the requisite forms of security at the macro, meso and micro levels. At each of these three levels - country, enterprise, individual worker - sub-indexes measure "inputs", processes and actual outcomes, using selected indicators. The three sub-indexes - with greater weight typically given to the outcome indicators - are then normalized and added up to produce an overall index for each particular form of security. The security indexes can finally be combined to construct the Decent Work Index for each level.


In French as “Une famille d’indicateurs du travail décent”, Revue Internationale du Travail, Vol.142, No.2, 2003, pp.231-260. pdfFrench text(537.43 KB)

In Spanish as “Una familia de indices de trabajo decente”, Revista Internacional del Trabajo, Vol.122, No.2, 2003, pp.233-261. pdfSpanish text(534.73 KB)


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