Articles & Interviews

Articles & Interviews


“Plunder of the commons: A manifesto for sharing public wealth” (podcast), Social Europe, 30 September 2019. View :: Listen

“Why we need a basic income for everyone right now” (interview),, 20 September 2019. View

“A new class for a new age: The dawn of the ‘precariat’” (article), Friends of Europe, 17 September 2019. View

“Basic income and the three varieties of freedom” (article), Open Democracy, 16 September 2019. View

“Plunder of the commons: Compensate the commoners!” (article), Open Democracy, 13 September 2019. View

“The precariat” (interview), Natural Born Alchemist, 4 August 2019. Podcast

“Argumentos éticos a favor de la renta básica [Ethical arguments for basic income]” (article), Anuario Internacional CIDOB 2019 (Barcelona: CIDOB - Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, June 2019), p.42.

“Es urgente una nueva agenda de izquierdas [A new left agenda is urgent]” (article), El País, 30 June 2019, p.15. View

“Why ‘Universal Basic Services’ is no alternative to basic income” (blog post), Open Democracy, 9 June 2019. View :: in Spanish

“What’s behind the decline of the European Left?” (interview), debate with Roberto Unger and Luis Arroyo, TRT World (Turkish public broadcaster), 21 May 2019. Watch

“Guy Standing: How fighting climate change can deliver a universal basic income” (interview), RT Going Underground, 8 May 2019. Watch :: Podcast

“Planetizing the labor movement: A contribution to an exchange on Workers of the World Unite (at Last)” (article), Great Transition Initiative, April 2019. View

“Everyone’s talking about basic income. Here’s 8 problems it could fix” (article),, 16 April 2019. View

“Guy Standing on anxiety, anger and alienation: An interview about ‘The Precariat’” (interview), Counterpunch, 19 March 2019. View

“Dan Schneider video interview #262: More on universal basic income” (video interview), Cosmoetica, 6 March 2019. Watch

“India can pay Rs 500 to each citizen every month: economist Guy Standing” (interview), LiveMInt, 4 March 2019. View

“Guy Standing explains precariat and how it is shaping world and India” (video interview), Business Today (India), 3 March 2019. Watch

“Don’t be fooled: Britain’s social ills can definitely be blamed on rising inequality” (blog), Open Democracy, 25 January 2019. View

“Jobs, jobs, jobs is geen progressief project [Jobs, jobs, jobs is not a progressive project]” (interview), Sampol - Samenleving & Politiek, January 2019. View

“What has a year of experiments taught us about basic income” (blog), World Economic Forum, 17 January 2019. View

“Basic income works and works well” (article), The Hindu, 14 January 2019. View

“Battling eight giants with basic income” (article), Project Syndicate, 14 January 2019. View

“An alternative view of Globalization 4.0, and how to get there” (blog), World Economic Forum, 7 January 2019. View


"As novas formas de trabalho [New forms of work]” (interview), CEO Brasil, 13 (35), 2018, pp.11-13. View

“How the precariat - and UBI - can stop neoliberalism from destroying the planet’ (article), Open Democracy, 31 October 2018. View

“The precariat: Today’s transformative class?” (article), Great Transition Initiative, October 2018. View :: PDF :: Debate

“Basic income: A progressive road out of austerity” (blog), Open Democracy, 18 September 2018. View

“Arguments for universal basic income” (interview), Sputnik International, 15 September 2018. Listen

"Why a job guarantee is a bad joke for the precariat - and for freedom" (blog), Open Democracy, 7 September 2018. View

"Guy Standing: The basic income is a fundamental emancipator policy" (interview), Pressenza International Press Agency, 23 August 2018. View & video

"Why the world should adopt a basic income",, 4 July 2018. View

"Guy Standing: Universal basic income debate and Finland's experiment", tbs eFM This Morning, 8 May 2018. Podcast

"The universal basic income: For the sceptics", IAI (Institute of Art and Ideas), 3 May 2018. View

"Who are 'the precariat' and why do they threaten our society", Euronews, 1 May 2018. View

“Guy Standing: Making basic income a reality”, Future Thinkers, 23 April 2018. Podcast

"Guy Standing, reddito cittadinanza farà bene Italia [Guy Standing, a basic income would be good for Italy]" (interview), ANSA, 10 April 2018. View

"Guy Standing: 'Vill människor ha avlönat arbete måste de vara standby vid sina mobiler' [Guy Standing: 'People wanting paid work must be on standby with their mobiles'] (interview), Arbetsvärlden (Sweden), 4 April 2018. View

"Left should stop equating labour with work" (blog post), Social Europe, 23 March 2018. View

"It's time for a universal basic income" (interview), Emerging Europe, 18 March 2018. View

"Why the Tories do not believe in free markets" (blog post), Open Democracy, 26 February 2018. View

"A salve for inequality? Free money for all" (interview), Moneywatch, CBS News, 19 February 2018. View

"Universal basic income would enhance freedom and cut poverty" (letter), Financial Times, 15 February 2018. View

"Das System ist zugunsten der Tech-Konzerne manipuliert [The system is manipulated in favour of tech companies]" (interview), Futurezone (Austria), 14 February 2018. View

"Neo-facism and the troubling third way" (letter), The Guardian, 12 February 2018, p.7. View

Participant in discussion on "The working class in culture", Free Thinking, BBC Radio 3, 31 January 2018. Listen

"The precariat are not the left behind" (blog post), World Economic Forum, 21 January 2018. View

"The plunder of the commons" (blog post), World Economic Forum, 12 January 2018. View

"Professor Guy Standing - on the need for a universal basic income" (interview), AlwaysPossible, January 2018. Listen


"Why you've never heard of a Charter that's as important as the Magna Carta" (blog post), Open Democracy, 6 November 2017. View

"Chatbots, automation and basic income" (podcast), Onlim, 1 November 2017. Listen

"Can we afford a basic income?" (interview, in Japanese), Asahi Shimbun Globe, 24 October 2017. View

"The precariat: Why a basic income is vital" (blog post), Working-Class Perspectives, 23 October 2017. View

"Guy Standing: 'La socialdemocracia pudo ser progresista hace cincuenta años, pero hoy no lo es' [Guy Standing: 'Social democracy might have been progressive fifty years ago but today it is not']", La Voz de Asturias (Spain), 22 October 2017. View

"Guy Standing: 'Instaurar una renta básica universal ayudaría a crear empleo [Establishing a universal basic income would help create jobs]' (interview), La Nueva España, 20 October 2017. View

"Guy Standing, gurú de la renta básica: 'El actual sistema español de ayuda social crea trampas de pobreza' [Guy Standing, guru of basic income: 'The current Spanish social assistance system creates poverty traps]",, 19 October 2017. View

"Si en lugar de rescatar bancos dieran 100 euros por persona fortalecerían más la economía [If instead of rescuing the banks each person had been given 100 euros it would have strengthened the economy more]" (interview), El Comercio (Spain), 19 October 2017, p.41. View

"Interview - Radical action vital to calm 'perfect storm' - economist" (interview), Reuters, 12 October 2017. View

"Den ny tids politik bliver defineret af, hvordan politikerne finder løsninger for de løst ansatte, siger økonomen bag begrebet ‘prekariatet’ [The policy of the new era will be defined by the solutions politicians find for precarious employees,  says the economist behind the term 'precariat']" (interview), Zetland (Denmark), 11 October 2017. View

"Guy Standing - Let us celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest" (blog post), Brave New Europe, 1 October 2017. View

"Less work and more leisure: Utopian visions and the future of work" (interview), CBC/Radio Canada, 27 September 2017. Listen

"Platform capitalism, digital technology and the future of work" (interview), CBC/Radio Canada, 20 September 2017. Listen

„Óöryggið eykst og launin lækka [Insecurity increases and wages decline]" (interview), RÚV news agency (Iceland), 13 September 2017. View & watch

"Guy Standing on why universal basic income is gathering momentum" (interview), National Business Review NBR Radio (New Zealand), 3 September 2017. Listen

"Will job loss to AI, robots and automation make universal basic income a necessity?" (article), LinkedIn, 2 September 2017. View

"Principal inimigo do precariado é o estado, diz economista britânico [The main enemy of the precariat is the state, says British economist]" (interview), O Estado de São Paulo (Brazil), 12 July 2017. View

"Guy Standing on an economy that works for everyone" (interview), The Moon, 1 July 2017. View

"Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest" (article), Open Democracy, 21 June 2017. View

"Prof. Guy Standing: Every country can afford universal basic income" (interview),, 19 June 2017. View :: also in French and German

"Bezwarunkowy dochód podstawowy: Czy się stoi, czy się leży, godne życie się należy – Guy Standing [Unconditional basic income: Whether standing up or lying down, life is worth living - Guy Standing]" (interview),, 9 June 2017. View

"Guy Standing: 'És mentida que no ens puguem permetre una renda básica' [Guy Standing: 'It's a lie that we cannot afford a basic income']" (interview), (Catalonia), 5 June 2017. View

"Precaris de tot el món, uniu-vos! Una entrevista a Guy Standing [Precariats of the world, unite! An interview with Guy Standing]" (interview), Ab Origine Magazine (Catalonia), 24 May 2017. View

"Pluto en la silueta de Ginebra [Pluto in the silhouette of Geneva]" (interview), El Periódico Economía (Catalonia), 20 May 2017. View

"Guy Standing - Basic income and how we can make it happen" (interview), Informed Choice Radio, 16 May 2017. Listen

"Big Money Questions: Would a universal basic income work?" (interview), thisismoney, 16 May 2017. Watch

"El economista Guy Standing defiende una renta básica universal para combatir el neofascismo [Economist Guy Standing defends a universal basic income to combat neofacism]" (interview), El Periódico Economía (Catalonia), 13 May 2017. View

"Hay que dejar atrás el 'trabajismo', el pleno empleo es una respuesta del pasado a la crisis [We have to leave 'labour' behind, full employment is a response to the crisis from the past]" (interview), (Spain), 13 May 2017. View

"Entrevista de Sin Permiso a Guy Standing [Guy Standing interviewed by Sin Permiso]" (interview), Sin Permiso (Spain), 13 May 2017. View 

"Alt-Left: la nueva izquierda alternativa a punto de surgir de los precarios [Alt-Left: The new alternative left to arise from the precariat]" (interview), Playground, 12 May 2017. View

"Guy Standing: 'Aquest sistema econòmic no només és immoral sinó també ineficient [Guy Standing: 'This economic system is not only immoral but inefficient']" (interview),, 11 May 2017. View

"La lucha de clases es hoy entre precariado y rentistas [The class struggle is today between the precariat and the rentiers]" (interview), La Vanguardia (Spain), 11 May 2017. View

"Guy Standing: ‘En el cas català, sé perfectament a quin costat sóc’ [Guy Standing: 'In the Catalan case, I know perfectly which side I'm on']" (interview),, 11 May 2017. View

"La socialdemocracia carece de agenda para el 'precariado' [Social democracy has no agenda for the 'precariat'] (interview), El Pais (Spain), 10 May 2017. View 

Participation in "A basic income for all?", Business Daily, BBC World Service, 26 April 2017. Listen

"Le revenu universel est faisable économiquement [Basic income is economically feasible]" (interview), L'Echo (Belgium), 8 April 2017. View

"Basic income would make growth more inclusive: Guy Standing" (interview), DNA - Daily News & Analysis (India), 3 April 2017. View

"The existential threat to free healthcare services such as the NHS" (interview), Sputnik, 24 March 2017. Listen

"Fronteiras XXI: Qual o futuro do trabalho? Participe no debate [Frontiers XXI: What is the future of work? Participate in our debate]" (interview), RTP Notícias (Portugal), 20 March 2017. Video

"La coalition des précaires sauvera-t-elle la gauche? [Can the coalition of the precariat save the left?]" (interview), (France), 6 March 2017. View

"L'internationale précaire [The precariat international]" (interview), Les Echos (France), 3-4 March 2017. View

"L'avènement du précariat [The advent of the precariat]" (interview), L'Obs (France), 2-8 March 2017. View :: In Spanish

"La quête effrénée de flexibilité n'est pas terminée [The unrestrained quest for flexibility has not ended]" (interview), Le Monde (France), 23 February 2017. View

"Build a precariat strategy" (blogpost), Albert Shanker Institute, 9 February 2017. View

"Back to basics: Government report misses key points on income" (article), The Tribune (India), 6 February 2017. View

"Universal basic income: Scheme should be for all Indians, not just for BPL population, says Guy Standing" (interview), Indian Express, 29 January 2017. View

"The weeks update: Would a guaranteed income work" (interview), Share Radio, 24 January 2017. Listen

"Prof. Guy Standing: Polskę też stać na dochód podstawowy [Prof. Guy Standing: Poland can afford a basic income" (interview), Super Express (Poland), 16 January 2017. View

"Universal basic income is becoming an urgent necessity" (article), The Guardian, 12 January 2017. View

"Jan Dhan, Aadhar, mobile paving way for rolling out universal basic income in 2017; here's how" (article), Financial Express, 12 January 2017. View

"Universal basic income is our best weapon against the rising far right" (article), Huffington Post, 6 January 2017. View :: In German

"The economist behind universal basic income: Give all citizens free money to help combat a 'neofascist wave of populism'" (interview), Business Insider UK, 5 January 2017. View


"Dr Guy Standing: 'I believe enough people are emerging, to give us hope that positive future can come fairly soon'" (interview), Skozi oči prekariata, 20 December 2016. View :: In Slovenian

"The precariat, populism and robots: Is basic income a political imperative?" (article), World Economic Forum, 20 December 2016. View

"The 5 biggest lies of global capitalism" (article), World Economic Forum, 12 December 2016. View

"The weeks update: Capitalism corrupted" (interview), Share Radio, 22 November 2016. Listen

"Ali bomo živeli v dobri družbi, je odvisno od tega, ali bomo vstali in jo jasno zahtevali [Whether we live in a good society depends on standing up with clear demands]" (interview), Delo (Slovenia), 19 November 2016. View

"Meet the precariat, the new global class fuelling the rise of populism" (article), World Economic Forum, 9 November 2016. View

"It is rigged...and we must revolt" (blog post), Working-Class Perspectives, 31 October 2016. View

"The five lies of rentier capitalism" (blog post), Social Europe, 27 October 2016. View :: German translation

Interview on rentier capitalism and basic income on Sputnik RT, Episode 146, 15 October 2016. Watch

Discussion of The Corruption of Capitalism on 'Thinking Allowed', BBC Radio 4, 12 October 2016. Listen

"The five lies of global capitalism" (book extract), Newsweek, 11 October 2016. View

"Basic income equals freedom" (interview), TaskFarm, 15 September 2016. View

"The left must combat rentier capitalism" (article), Open Democracy, 5 September 2016. View

Participation in "Il pianeta dei robot [The planet of the robots], Presa Diretta - RAI3, 5 September 2016. Watch

"The corruption of capitalism" (interview), RT Going Underground (UK), 17 August 2016. Watch Part I :: Watch Part II

"Guy Standing, prophète du ‘précariat’ [Guy Standing, prophet of the 'precariat']" (interview), Le Point (France), 9 August 2016. View

"Estamos perto de ter gente como Trump no poder [We are close to having people like Trump in power]" (interview), Epoca (Brazil), 1 August 2016. View

"A basic income, or the end of welfare" (interview), New Policy Forum Pod (Australia), 15 July 2016. Listen :: Listen

"Le prolétariat précaire est anxieux, dépourvu d’objectifs et en colère [The precarious proletariat is anxious, lacking goals and angry]" (article), Le Monde (France), 13 July 2016. View :: In English

"Le développement du ‘précariat’ [The growth of the precariat]" (article), Constructif  (France), No.44, June 2016. View :: In English

"Swiss reject guaranteed free money" (interview), ABC News (Australia), 6 June 2016. Watch

"Why economists are coming out in favor of unconditional basic income" (interview), Yes Magazine, 3 June 2016. View

"La ricetta dell'economista Standing: 'Reddito di base contro il precariato' [The recipe of economist Standing: 'Basic income against the precariat']" (interview), La Repubblica (Italy), 27 May 2016. View

"Pracují na částečné úvazky, bez jistot a kariéry. Prekariát balancuje na existenční hraně [They work part-time, without security and career. Precariat teetering on the edge of subsistence]" (interview), Czech Radio, 16 May 2016. View and listen

"Guy Standing: Všeobecný příjem podporuje čím dál víc známých lidí [Guy Standing: General acceptance (of basic income) encourages more famous people]" (interview), Respekt (Czech Republic), 13 May 2016. View

"Universal basic income: The year of the pilot" (interview), Radio Sputnick, 13 May 2016. Listen 

"Is a universal basic income now essential?" (interview), Radio Sputnick, 29 April 2016. Listen

"A hidden threat to the new working class: The precariat class" (interview), TherapyCable, 16 April 2016. Watch

"The precariat and the future of work" (article), Briefing Papers, AUT (Auckland University of Technology), 4 April 2016. View

"NZ can't be smug or complacent, economist warns" (interview), Q&A, TVNZ (New Zealand), 19 March 2016. Watch

Participation in debate on basic income, Newshour Extra, BBC World Service, 4 March 2016. Listen

Participation in "Means to an End", a documentary film on basic income by Envisuals (UK), February 2016. Watch

Participation in "The Great British Benefits Handout", a documentary film series on Channel 5 (UK), first episode 9 February 2016. Watch

"De nieuw opkomende maatschappelijke klasse, het precariaat [The newly emerging social class, the precariat]" (interview), Blog on, 4 February 2016. View

"Advarer mot ny underklasse [Warns against new underclass]" (interview), Dagsavisen (Norway), 22 January 2016. View

"Guy Standing: 'El precariat és la nova classe del capitalisme global. A Espanya és un 40% de la població' ['The precariat is the new class of global capitalism. In Spain it is 40% of the population']",, 17 January 2016. View Republished as "¿Una carta de derechos para el precariado del siglo XXI? Entrevista a Guy Standing" in David Casassas (ed.), Revertir el guión: Trabajos, derechos y libertad (Madrid: Catarata, 2016). PDF

"Guy Standing: 'No tenim res a perdre, excepte la nostra inseguretat' ['We have nothing to lose but our insecurity']" (interview), Ara (Catalonia, Spain), 3 January 2016. View


"Should we give every UK citizen a basic income instead of benefits?" (interview),, 8 December 2015. View

"Missed chance for electoral reform may have been decisive nail in Labour's coffin" (letter), Guardian, 7 December 2015. View

"El 'precariat' és una classe social molt radical, l'única que vol ser prou forta per abolir-se a si mateixa [The 'precariat' is a very radical social class, the only one who wants to be strong enough to abolish itself]" (interview),  Directa (Spain), 2 December 2015. View (Catalan) :: View (Castellan)

"Most unions have failed to respond to the needs and aspirations of the precariat" (interview), Equal Times, 26 November 2015. View 

"Dochód podstawowy to nie utopia [Basic income is not a utopia]" (interview), Obserwator Finansowy (Poland), 20 November 2015. View

"O se cambia de rumbo o el precariado explotara. Y una defensa de la Renta Básica [Change course or the precariat will explode. A defence of basic income]" (interview),Sinpermiso (Spain), 15 November 2015. View

"Democracy is public space at its richest" (interview), Public Space, 10 November 2015. Video

"A revolt is coming for cloud labor" (article), Huffington Post, 27 October 2015. View

"Guy Standing: Der er brug for et nyt Magna Carta [We need a new Magna Carta]" (interview), Modkraft (Denmark), 8 October 2015. View

"Temporary and part-time: The rise of a new precarious workforce" (interview), National Public Radio (US), 20 September 2015. Listen

“Manden, der opdagede en ny samfundsklasse [The man who discovered a new social class']”, Utætheden (Denmark), No.5, September 2015, pp.7-11. View

"Jedem sein Taschengeld [To each his own pocket-money]" (interview), Wiener Zeitung (Austria), 24 August 2015. View

"Guy Standing: I don't give a shit about jobs" (interview), Alpbuzz (European Forum Alpbach, Austria), 21 August 2015.

"The 'precariat': Stressed out, insecure, alienated and angry" (interview), National Catholic Reporter (US), 19 August 2015. View

"Keiser report: The precariat - the dangerous new class" (interview), RT, 1 August 2015. Watch

"Prekariusze wszystkich krajów, łączcie się? [Precarious of all countries, unite?] (interview), Nowy Obywatel (Poland), No. 17 (68), Summer 2015, pp.7-15. View

"The UK budget: King Canute and the triumph of moralism over morality" (article), Open Democracy, 20 July 2015. View

"Open markets are a fraud" (interview), Kultura Liberalna (Poland), 30 June 2015. View

Discussion of the precariat and precariat charter with Prof Laurie Taylor on "Thinking Allowed", BBC Radio 4, 17 June 2015. Podcast

"A new class: Canada neglects the precariat at its peril" (article), Globe and Mail, 13 June 2015. View

"Una carta del precariato? Intervista a Guy Standing [A precariat charter? Interview with Guy Standing]", minima&moralia (Italy), 5 June 2015. View

"Let there be a Runnymede Left" (article), Open Democracy, 1 June 2015. View

"Empowering women through cash transfers" (article, with Renana Jhabvala), Financial Express (India), 25 May 2015. View

"What the fuck is the 'precariat,' and why should you care?" (interview), Vice (Canada), 7 May 2015. View

"Dr. Guy Standing o socialni enakosti [Dr. Guy Standing on social equality]" (interview), Jana (Slovenia), 5 May 2015.

"Terceirizações devem acelerar a expansão do precariado no Brasil [Outsourcing would accelerate the expansion of the precariat in Brazil]" (interview), Carta Capital (Brazil), 1 May 2015. View

"Vstopamo v kapitalizem, v katerem bo premoženje v rokah rentne plutokracije [We are entering the age of rentier capitalism]" (interview), Delo (Slovenia), 30 April 2015. View 

"Guy Standing: 'Il reddito di cittadinanza per vincere la sfida contro il precariato' ['A citizen's income to meet the challenge of the precariat']" (interview), L'Espresso (Italy), 28 April 2015. View

"Taskers in the precariat: Part 2 - essential reforms" (article), Working-Class Perspectives, 20 April 2015. View

"Uncertain states" (book review: Will Hutton, How Good We Can Be), Times Literary Supplement, 17 April 2015.

Participation in "Money for free", VPRO Backlight (Netherlands), 12 April 2015. Watch (English version)

"Q&A with precarious work expert Guy Standing" (interview), Toronto Star, 9 April 2015. View

"The precariat" (interview), RTE Radio 1: The Business (Ireland), 4 April 2015. Listen

"The growing precariat: Why we need a universal basic income" (article), SingularityHub, 30 March 2015. View

"Fackföreningsrörelsen måste ge upp sina gamla strider [The trade union movement must give up their old battles]" (interview), Arbetsvärlden (Sweden), 18 March 2015. View

Participation in "Somewhere to work: What Britain wants", BBC Panorama, 16 March 2015. View

"Topøkonom: Kampen for den danske model er allerede tabt [The fight for the Danish model is already lost]" (interview), Dagbladet Information (Denmark), 12 March 2015. View

"El precariado se está convirtiendo en una nueva clase social [The precariat is becoming a new social class]" (interview), Diagonal Global (Spain), 1 March 2015. Video 

"Guy Standing - The precariat charter" (interview), Radio New Zealand, 22 February 2015. Listen

"Taskers: The precariat in the on-demand economy - Part I" (article), Working-Class Perspectives, 16 February 2015. View 

"El precariado/The precariat - Guy Standing" (interview), AttacTV, 11 February 2015. Video

"Basic income pilots: A better option than QE" (article), Social Europe, 9 February 2015. View  Republished in P. van Parijs (ed.), Basic Income and the Left: A European Debate (London: Social Europe, 2018).

"El ascenso del 'precariado' [The rise of the 'precariat']" (interview), El Mundo (Spain), 7 February 2015. View

"Guy Standing: Prekariat razumem kot zelo radikalen razred [Guy Standing: Understanding the precariat as a radical class]" (interview), Delo (Slovenia), 2 February 2015. View

"Magna Carta: 800 years on, we need a new people's charter" (article), Guardian, 23 January 2015. View

"Magna Carta: what prospects for a Precariat Charter" (article), Open Democracy, 22 January 2015. View

"Guy Standing: 'Qualsevol politic que digui que els sous pujaran per al precariat menteix' ['Any politican who says wages will rise for the precariat is lying']" (interview), Ara (Spain), 8 January 2015. View 

"Podemos tiene una oportunidad histórica para cambiar España [Podemos has a historic opportunity to change Spain]" (interview), Atlántica XXII (36), January 2015, pp.49-50. View


"El precariado ante el espejo: 'Tengo que ponerme en tu pellejo' [The precariat in the mirror: 'I have to put myself in your shoes']" (interview), Sin Permiso (Spain), 21 December 2014. View

"Només la renda bàsica proporcionaria seguretat al precariat [Just provide the precariat with basic income security]" (interview), UAB Barcelona, 19 December 2014. View

"Basic income paid to the poor can transform lives" (blog post), Guardian Economics Blog, 18 December 2014. View

Participation in television documentary "Iedereen een basisinkomen [A basic income for everybody]", Canvas Panorama (Belgium), 18 December 2014. Watch (English subtitles)

"Sería letal que Podemos imitase el viejo modelo socialdemócrata [It would be fatal for Podemos to adopt the old social democratic model]" (interview), El Confidencial, 18 December 2014. View

"Cash benefits or basic income - the next phase" (article), Financial Express (India), 16 December 2014. View

"Izumimo ponovno jezik napretka" (interview), Zarez (Croatia), 11 December 2014. View  Republished in English as G. Standing and P. Jandrić, "Precariat, education and technologies: Towards a global class identity", Policy Futures in Education, Vol.13, No.2, 2015.

"Cash transfers can work better than subsidies" (article), The Hindu, 6 December 2014. View

"Geef iedereen een basisinkomen [Give everyone a basic income]" (article), NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands), 29 November 2014. View

"Basic income: A new form of realistic utopia" (interview),, 25 November 2014. View :: In Polish as "Bezwarunkowy dochód podstawowy nową formą możliwej do zrealizowania utopii – wywiad z Guyem Standingiem", Liberté, 26 November 2014. View 

"Wyklęty lud ziemi, o jakim Marksowi się nie śniło [The wretched of the earth, about which Marx never dreamed]" (interview), Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland), 22 November 2014. View

"Entrevista a Guy Standing: Jóvenes y precarios contra la vieja política [Interview with Guy Standing: Youth and precarious against the old politics]", La Maleta de Portbou (Spain), No. 8, November-December 2014, pp.38-44. View

"Standing: Nowa klasa - prekariat [Standing: New class - precariat]" (interview), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), 19 November 2014. View

"The strategy for basic income" (interview), Praktyki Teoretycznej (Poland), 13 November 2014. View :: In Polish

"The precariat" (article), Contexts (published by the American Sociological Association), Fall 2014, pp.10-12. PDF

"The precariat charter: Interview with Guy Standing", The Bristol Cable, 5 November 2014. Video

"The precariat: The new dangerous class", Working-Class Perspectives, 27 October 2014. View

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Western Mail Interview, 2011

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